SSU to Shanghai

  • Apr 13
    SSU to Shanghai
  • For Students
    Who are we?
    The SSU Foundation is an organisation which provides a unique study-related programme for the most excellent innovation science students of Utrecht University. For more than 20 years we have been organising this annual programme which enables students to collaborate with innovative Dutch and foreign companies. ‘Innovation in practice’ is the main purpose of our programme.

    The programme
    The programme consists of two major parts. The first part consists of collaborations between the selected students and companies in the Netherlands. Together with fellow participants students work on junior consultancy cases or brainstorm sessions, applying the knowledge you acquired during your study programme(s). In this way, the extra-curricular programme creates the perfect opportunity to gain valuable insights in what could be your future work environment!

    The second part consists of a study tour abroad for all participants. The study tour focuses on how companies, universities and incubators abroad practice innovation within a different cultural and business environment. The destination of the second part is Shanghai, China.

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